Black Forest Organic Soil Conditioner (Western USA)

This all-purpose mulch and soil amendment mixes with your native soil to help loosen clay soil and add nutrients and mycorrhizae for strong root development to help plants grow full and lush. Mix it with native soil, and use it for a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Adding BLACK FOREST ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONER to your soil helps aerate it, allowing it to retain water more efficiently. You can also use BLACK FOREST ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONER as a mulch on top of the soil for additional water conservation, keeping the soil cool and moist. BLACK FOREST ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONER is OMRI listed – with all the ingredients and processes reviewed all the way to the source. Look for the OMRI logo that tells you it’s proven organic.

Manufacturer: Kellogg Garden Products

Sizes (UPC Code)
  1.5 cu. ft. (0 25962 08080 8)
  3 cu. ft. (0 25962 08081 5 )

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Regional Availability: Western USA

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