The Best Buds and Blooms

BUD & BLOOM - EAST MidWest WEST_1 BUD & BLOOM - EAST MidWest WEST_2 BUD & BLOOM - EAST MidWest WEST_3 BUD & BLOOM - EAST MidWest WEST_4Looking for the best way to fertilize your plants this season? Selecting a fertilizer can be confusing, but Master Nursery® is here to help. Simply stated, and as the name implies, if it buds and blooms, use Master Nursery® Bud & Bloom Plant Food 10-52-8. Bud & Bloom Plant Food is perfect for feeding flowering annuals & perennials, rose bushes, and vegetables, growing in the ground and raised beds, or in containers and hanging baskets.

Understanding Fertilizer

It is generally understood that fertilizer provides nutrients that make a plant grow better than it would on its own. Nutrients contribute to a larger, healthier plant that will produce more fruit and/or flowers. But what do those numbers on the fertilizer packaging stand for? Every fertilizer package will display three numbers. These numbers represent the percentage of available nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) in the fertilizer blend. By law, fertilizer nutrients must always be listed in the same order to avoid confusion. Master Nursery® Bud & Bloom Plant Food lists an N-P-K of 10-52-8, making it a high phosphorus fertilizer with 10 percent available nitrogen, 52 percent available phosphorus, and 8 percent available potassium.

What does this mean for your plants?

  • Nitrogen – promotes chlorophyll, producing greener, more quickly growing plants. If your plants aren’t as green as they should be, use a fertilizer with nitrogen. All plants need some nitrogen; however, too much nitrogen will green the plant at the expense of buds, fruit, and flowers.
  • Phosphorus – improves root growth, flowering ability, and bloom size. Use a fertilizer with a larger middle number to encourage root growth during transplanting and to produce better blooms and more fruit once the plant has matured.
  • Potassium – enables the photosynthesis process and improves the plant’s resistance to cold spells, drought, and insect attacks – it improves the general overall health of the plant. Many people use a potassium fertilizer when the seasons change to help plants resist the stresses of those transitions.

Master Nursery® Bud & Bloom Plant Food 10-52-8 is a concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer that produces quickly with professional results. When used regularly, this product promotes robust growth; larger, more beautiful blossoms and fruit; stronger root systems; and healthier, better-looking plants. It is available in three sizes to meet your garden needs: .75 lb, 1.5 lb, and 3 lb.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE & FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS Mix one tablespoon of Bud & Bloom 10-52-8 to one gallon of water. Its unique formula dissolves instantly so you can soak the root area and apply to leaves as well. You can use a pail, watering can or hose-end sprayer to apply Bud & Bloom 10-52-8.
Roses (Newly Planted) ½ gal. per bush Every 2 weeks
Roses (Established) 1 gal. per bush Every 2 weeks
All Flowering Annuals 1 gal. per 10 sq.ft. or 10 ft. row Every 2 weeks
All Flowering Perennials 1 gal. per 10 sq.ft. Every 2 weeks
Hanging Baskets ½ tsp. per gal. Feed every watering
Rhododendron, Azaleas, Camelias 1 gal. per plant 3 week intervals in early Spring
Bulbs (All Types) 1 gal. per 10 sq.ft. At planting timethen every 2 weeks
Tomatoes 1 gal. per plant Every 2 weeks
Vegetables 1 gal. per 10 sq.ft. or 10 ft. row Every 2 weeks
Fruit Trees, including Citrus & Avocado 1 gal. per inch of trunk diameter 4 times per year at the drip line
Berries 1 gal. per 10 sq.ft. Every 2 weeks
Flowering Container Plants ½ tsp. per gal. Feed every watering

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