Winter Lawn Care [Western Region]

As the season changes from Fall to Winter, so will the amount of effort that you put forth in keeping your lawn happy and healthy. By the time that colder weather arrives, cool-season turf will be green and lush while warm-season turf will be brown and dormant. Here’s what you need to know:


Cut back or eliminate watering your lawn. If Mother Nature does not provide, you will need to water weekly when growing cool-season turf or dormant warm-season turf overseeded with cool-season grasses. If your lawn is strictly warm-season turf, it will be dormant and, therefore, there is no need for supplemental watering.


Grass growth slows or stops in the Winter. Cool-season turf will require less mowing and warm-season turf won’t need it at all.


All lawns should have had a fertilizer application in the Fall to help your turf through the Winter months.  Available at your local Master Nursery Garden Center, Easy Livin’ Fall & Winter Feed for Lawns is an excellent choice for both types of turf for Fall feeding. It is a blend of both slow and fast acting nitrogen, addressing both a quick and long-term green-up. Its 20-6-7 NPK promotes good disease resistance and strong, deep roots.  As it is dormant, warm-season turf will not require any further fertilization during the Winter months. Cool-season turf, on the other hand, will benefit from the quick green-up that an additional application of Easy Livin’ Fall & Winter Feed for Lawns will provide during the Winter.

This Winter, it is also a good idea to keep all lawns, cool- and warm-season alike, free of debris. Rake fallen leaves, fruit, and sticks to allow for good air flow and light to your lawn. Besides, it just looks better. Now, take it easy.

Winter lawn_1

Winter lawn_2